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Spring 2017 CHE489-02, Bioprocess Engineering
Spring 2017 CHE351, Chemical Process Kinetics

Past Courses

These courses have been offered as a blend of online and in-person at UMassD and New Mexico Tech. As I assembled these notes I borrowed from many other websites. If you would like copies of all the course material, let me know.

Biomaterials and Biomedical Devices

This covers materials for biomedical devices. After a general introduction to classes of materials, there is a section on materials for orthopedic devices. Then follows a discussion of materials in a range of other implanted devices.


After an introduction to the mechanical properties of human tissues, the mechanics of the musculo-skeletal system is covered. The next section covers fluid flow in the cardiovascular and respiratory system. The final section covers joints and motion, especially gait.


This jointly-taught course at NMT covered a wide range of topics. Lectures included: Biology vs Engineering: energy management, water management, mechanics and materials, processing and self assembly, sensing and vision, adhesives, locomotion, materials gradients.

Biology for Engineers

This sophomore course treats major topics in biology from an engineering viewpoint. Evolution is compared with engineering design. There is a short survey of molecular and cellular biology. Materials and mechanics in animals are treated from a mechanical engineering view. The nervous and sensory systems are compared with their electronic equivalents. Energy storage and conversion is covered. The liver and kidneys are treated as detoxification and waste removal systems. The immune system is surveyed as a security system.

Mechanical of Materials

This course follows a conventional syllabus and is based on Hibbeler's text. There are additional sections on cathedral design, finite element analysis, brittle materials and mechanics of trees.

Interesting recent articles related to Bioengineering

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Research on Bioprinting and 3D Printing of Composites

Much of my recent research has related to 3D printing of a wide range of materials with the ultimate aim of printing a functioning animal. As I have already published more papers than anyone wants to read, I am reporting progress in this more bloggy form.